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Wow that was a bad decision.

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Alexa Chung: There was a really upsetting one when Alex had written me a Valentine card and I had accidentally left it in a bar. And someone sold it to the Sun and then they printed it, and they changed it so it didn’t look like a Valentine card, and they just said it was a love letter. They slated him for being really soppy. Look, it’s my boyfriend and it’s Alex. Of course it’s gonna be written like a story.
Interviewer: Was he peeved?
Alexa Chung: He was really cool with it,and he said, ‘I’m not upset that everyone saw it because that’s the truth and I couldn’t give a shit.’ And then he went [Chung dons a comedy northern accent], ‘Eh, but at least you’ve got a copy of it now, eh?’





Fuck this. Fuck this post so much.
Do not tell me you’re best friend would not sit in at your lunch table for three fucking days just staring blankly at your old seat wishing that you were there  to fill the space with laughter.
Do not tell me your younger brother would not break down in the middle of class because you guys started talking about your favorite type of subject in school.
Do not tell me your mother  would not stare into the mirror with trembling lips wishing she could be bringing you home from the hospital rather than having to escort you away in a casket to the nearest graveyard.
Do not tell me your father would not begin working the night shifts to distract himself of the silence at home because you’re not up until the ungodly hours of the night talking to what’s-his/her-face on the phone because you guys are so in love.
Do not tell me your boyfriend/girlfriend would not go into your room and put on the last hoodie you wore trying to desperately imprint your sent onto their skin so they never forget your smell.
Do not tell me your friends would not stare blankly  at the gymnasium wall after the principal has announced your death to the entire school making no sound trying to convince themselves this is just another one of your impractical jokes.
Do NOT fucking TELL ME this bullshit line of how the stars would still appear the sun would still come out the earth would still rotate and the seasons will still change because without YOU you lil beautiful piece of human being none of these people will want ANY of that to happen.
So yes.
Fuck this.
Fuck this post so much.

Reblogging for the comment because damn

Almost made me cry.

fucking preach. each and every one of you is important. someone loves you

I am actually crying right now.


What are you saying with flowers?

Red roses are most popular on Valentine’s Day, symbolizing true love and romance.
Lilac roses indicate love at first sight.
Orange roses symbolize desire
Pink roses evokes gratitude and admiration, such as friendship
White roses are a symbol of innocence, purity or reverence.
Yellow roses are the preferred rose for a dear friend, symbolizing joy and friendship.

Red and white roses in a bouquet symbolize unity (pure love and passionate love).
Pink and white roses represent contentment.
Yellow and orange roses together display passion.
As for the dozen? That’s one rose for each month of the year.

Carnations come in a variety of colors, with each one having a different meaning.
Dark-red carnations: Deep love and affection.
Light-red carnation: admiration
Pink carnation:  unforgettable love
Purple carnation: capriciousness (which means unpredictable or witty)
White carnation: good luck or pure love
Yellow carnation: disappointment
Striped carnation: regret

Blue Hyacinths: Sincerity
Casablanca Lily (white lily): beauty, class, style and celebration.

Chrysanthemums (mums): Truth, positivity and cheerfulness - however in France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, China, Japan and Korea mums are used only for funerals or on graves
Daffodils: Chivalry (when given in multiple)
Daisies: Beauty, purity and innocence
Freesias: Trust
Gardenia: Joy, purity and old-fashioned, traditional love.
Geranium: Comfort
Gladioli: Strength of character, sincerity and moral integrity

Globe Amaranth: Unfading love
Gloxinias: Love at first sight
Hibiscus: Beauty
Irises: Compliments and also faith, inspiration and royalty.
Lilac: Innocence
Lily of the Valley: Completion
Orchid: Love, luxury, strength and delicate beauty
Pansies: Loving thoughts

Peonies: Riches, honor and prosperity, and omen of good fortune and a happy marriage
Pink Hyacinths: Playfulness.
Poppies: Pleasure and imagination.
Red Tulips: A declaration of love

Daffodil: Misfortune (when only one is given)
Lavender: Distrust
Marigolds: Greed and selfishness
Petunias: Anger
Snapdragons: Deception
Sweetpeas: Goodbye

Color Meaning:
Blue: Peace, openness, and serenity
Pink: Grace, gentility, happiness, youth, innocence and joy
Purple: Royalty, dignity, pride and success.
Red: Desire, strength, passionate love, beauty, courage and heat
White: Innocence, humility, reverence, simple beauty, modesty and elegance
Yellow: Joy, lightheartedness, friendship, new beginnings and happiness
Orange: Energy, enthusiasm, warmth, confidence, satisfaction and a passion for life
Green: Health, resilience, good fortune, youth, optimism and renewal
Lavender: Refinement, grace, elegance and feminine beauty

photo credit: The Little Flower School Brooklyn: a teaching project by Nicolette Owen (Nicolette Camille) and Sarah Ryhanen (Saipua).  Classes are seasonally oriented and often exalt a particular flower or design concept.


Rebecca Louise Law